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The Allerhand Institute is an independent research centre, which conducts interdisciplinary and comparative studies on the role of legal institutions in creating and working in economic markets, both in terms of the shape of the regulation and the institutional framework they create. The Institute is also interested in the following issues: transformation of the law, judicial system reform, alternative methods of dispute resolution, legal ethics, transplantation of legal solutions, europeanisation of law and competing legal and inter-juridical systems.

Our Allerhand Summits included over 28 nationwide discussion events, with over a thousand participants, along with 300 specialists engaged in cutting-edge debates relating to the current state of the law and economics. Our Summits have been recognised by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has asked us to organise an international conference in Chisinau, Moldova. Moreover, our experts often take part in legislative reform projects, such as that the higher education policy reform, and the Constitutional Tribunal reform, that the Institute is currently working on.

Last but not least, the Institute also runs a pro bono insolvency law clinic, where indebted consumers have a chance to gain legal advice on their proceedings.

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In particular, the Institute is highly involved the following activities:

    • Researching and opinionating draft laws and bills important for the economy through estimation of the economic and social consequences of the regulatory solutions (regulatory impact assessment, economic analysis of law)
    • Studies on economically and legally efficient methods of implementation of the EC-community law and legal transplants into the national legal order;
    • Stimulation of the development of the Polish legal thought, legal ethics and the quality of the public debate;
    • Contribution to the strengthening of Poland’s and other New Member States’ position in the European Union in the public consultations initiated by the European Commission in the areas of Europeanization (harmonization and unification) of private law, improving corporate governance, strengthening financial markets regulation and supervision, facilitation of the freedom of capital etc.;
    • Organization of the monographic lectures, symposia and seminars for the public sector employees and managers;
    • Integration of young scholars, in particular from the countries such as Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Israel (as countries linked to the Allerhand’s life) through funding research and doctoral scholarships (grants and fellowships from the Maurycy Allerhand Fund).

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In pursuing its mission the Allerhand Institute wishes to enrich the public domain by making available the results of its studies and research to institutions which create and carry out law in Poland and the European Union, (i.e.. The Commission for Codification of Private Law, The Governmental Centre for Legislation, The Bureau of Parliamentary Analyses, The European Commission,The European Parliament, The OECD and other bodies and international agencies).

The Institute recognizes an important part of its mission is to share Polish experiences with countries undergoing regime changes, similar to those in Poland path in the last two decades. The Institute is involved in expert support, research projects and cooperation, mostly with the Ukraine and other CIS countries.

One particularly important aspect of its mission is its involvement in projects with emerging economies such as China and India, which have been playing an important role in commercial exchange recently, There are numerous research centres in the world which already work on legal aspects of trade, enterpreneurship and investments in the Far East. The Allerhand Institute wishes to meet these needs in Poland, and thus to fill this important niche in the market.

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